16 June 2010

finished request : Mblaq ft Rain


request by: Afiqah

p/s: I would like to sharing Mblaq's Wallpaper~^^ ( 1366 x 768)

12 June 2010

Template Designer on Blogger~


Nowadays,Blogger already have their own template designer.See what! It's easy to us for making a really really cute or nice layout for our own blog.Besides,the templates that already prepared by Blogger were really awesome! So,I suggest to all of you,pretty please use Template Designer.(Soulz d'hole still accept all your request for layout of blogger.)

finished request : Chinen Yuuri Layout

Salam & Hi~ to everyone.Sorry for A MONTH HIATUS. But now, we're back!.Anyway,others request we will finish ASAP.Sorry.Plus,here the request of Chinen Yuri Layout for Blogger.

Request by: Chibi.